Watch Mackma machine videos

In some countries of the world, it is not possible to access youtube, so it is not possible to access our channel, which is always updated.

We have created this page to show videos of our machines to those who cannot access our youtube channel.

Mackma Machine: BM34 Bending With Plastic Tools For Aluminum Profile

In this video you can see the Mackma BM34 machine with special plastic tools for bending aluminium profiles without scratching. Our Lillo makes a profile for aircraft hatches.

Mackma BM34

Mackma Machine: PRO Series remove the intrados and extrados after the bend

Introducing the Mackma PRO series, a fantastic tube bending machine with dual control, electronic counterbening die feed and intrados and extrados removal system. In this video you will see how to set up the tools, how to set up the machine and how to remove the intrados and extrados after a bend.

Mackma Pro Series

Mackma Machine: BM60 Bending Mild Steel Ø 60 x 3mm

In this video our Lillo bends a Mild Steel tube Ø 60x3mm with a standard Mackma machine BM60.

Mackma BM60

Mackma Machine: BM100 + Special Tool for "U" Profile

In this video, our Lillo uses a Mackma BM100 machine with a special tool to bend a U-profile. An incredible job!

Mackma BM100