Ring Roller Machine

Mackma’s Ring Roller Machines are suitable for machining metal profiles and tubulars, have the possibility of machining in vertical or horizontal position and have a simple and intuitive control. Choose the Ring Roller Machine suitable for your needs, if you do not find the right one contact us!

RB30 m
Max Ø 1″1/2 x 2,9 mm
RB40 i
Max Ø 33,7 x 2,3 mm
RB50 m
Max Ø 2″ x 2,9 mm
RB50 ee
Max Ø 48,3 x 3 mm
RB50 i
Max Ø 2″ X 2,9 mm
RB60 ee
Max Ø 60 x 5 mm
RB60 i
Max Ø 3″ X 3,2 mm
RB80 i
Max Ø 100 x 2,5 mm
RB100 i centinatrice idraulica
RB100 i
Max Ø 125 x 2,5 mm