Mandrel Bending Machines

Mackma guarantees reliability, safety and speed at competitive prices! Mackma’s Mandrel bending machines have a steel body with a metal carpentry base, a sealed planetary gearbox in oil bath with a Three Phase 380V /50Hz motor and a hydraulic control unit with cooling radiator.  All Mackma Mandrel Bending Machines can memorize an unlimited number of programs and thanks to their simple and intuitive control, making perfect bends has never been easier.

The bend axis return is always automatic with pedal and the tool locking system is always hydraulic with safety micro switches. The early mandrel extraction is programmable and the control desk is powered at 24 V. All Mackma’s Mandrel bending machines do not require any ordinary or extraordinary maintenance.

Our Mandrel Bending Machine


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 60 x 3 mm
Tube A53Ø 60 x 2 mm
Stainless Tube 304Ø 60 x 1,5 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 76,2 x 3,5 mm
Tube A53Ø 60 x 5,5 mm
Tube 304Ø 76,2 x 2 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 88,9 x 4 mm
Tube A53Ø 88,9 x 3 mm
Stainless Tube 304Ø 76,2 x 5 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø120 x 5,5 mm
Tube A53Ø 4” SCH.40
Stainless Tube 304Ø 120 x 3,2 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 6” x 5,7 mm
Tube A53Ø 5” SCH.80
Stainless Tube 304Ø 168,3 x 3,6 mm


Tubo estándar Fe42Ø 6” x 5,7 mm
Tubo A53Ø 5” SCH.80
Tubo de acero inoxidable 304Ø 168,3 x 3,6 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 168,3 x 10,97 mm
Tube A53Ø 168,3 x 7,11 mm
Stainless Tube 304Ø 168 x 5,55 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 219 x 10,31 mm
Tube A53Ø 168 x 5,55 mm
Stainless Tube 304Ø 168,3 x 10,97 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 273 x 6,35 mm
Tube A53Ø 219,1 x 15,08 mm
Stainless Tube 304Ø 219 x 6,35 mm


Standard Tube Fe42Ø 323,9 x 10,31 mm
Tube A53Ø 273 x 9,27 mm
Stainless Tube 304Ø 273 x 6,35 mm