Horizontal Presses

Horizontal hydraulic press, strong and compact, with through-rod piston for adjusting the mechanical stop, no micro limit switch. Machines with manual lever control and spring return. User-friendly and intuitive.

Our Presses


Dimensions1200x600x400 mm
Weight170 Kg
Bend Strength10 Ton
Working height100 mm
Bending Power100×10 (with V widht:100)
Voltage220 V ac
Motor Power1,5 Kw


Dimensions2000x1400x880 mm
Weight300 Kg
Bend Strength20 Ton
Working height100 mm
Bending Power100×20 (with V widht :110)
Voltage220 V ac
Motor Power2,5 Kw


Dimensions2000x1400x880 mm
Weight650 Kg
Bend Strength30 Ton
Working height180 mm
Bending Power160×20 (with V widht:160)
Voltage220 V ac
Motor Power3 Kw